TAM – Small Group Presentations for Exhibitors at the 2023 Conference

It all starts with meeting people in the transit industry, face-to-face. Today, that is more important than ever. Who is the person at the other end of a contract or bid? Now’s your chance to find out. Our goals are to:

  1. Give attendees an opportunity to discover what’s new, what’s happening and who’s involved.
  2. Enable attendees and exhibitors to gather vendor and product information for additional one-on-one discussions at the vendor showcase later in the day!
  3. Create an atmosphere for business!


Vendor Speed Session Schedule & Information         

Time Slot


Tavern Ballroom


 May Mobility

 IT Curves 


 Coach Bus & Sales





11:30 AM

 Vector Media

 GMV Syncromatics

11: 50 AM

American Bus



American Truck & Bus- https://american-bus.com/ 

American is a professional company of dedicated individuals committed to customer satisfaction. We are proud of our heritage, which dates back to the 1950s.  We believe in providing the best products and services for use in the transportation industry. Our emphasis will continue to be on the safety of our customers, their passengers and our employees. 

Our Sales Territory includes Maryland, Delaware & The District of Columbia. Our Bus and Sprinter Divisions are located at our Annapolis headquarters.

Ecolane - https://www.ecolane.com/

Government-funded transit agencies face unique challenges. Productivity, efficiency, and safety are essential for successful operations for these organizations. That's why Ecolane’s paratransit software is the ideal solution for transit scheduling, dispatching, and monitoring. Our team offers world-class support, while our products and services maximize safety and reliability for your organization and its customers.

Whether your agency is supported by city, county, state, or federal funds, downsizing and cutbacks create new demands on operations. Ecolane eases the burden by supporting agency administrators, ensuring they use all assets—including personnel—to their fullest potential. 

Our proven solutions deliver measurable productivity improvements thanks to features such as: 

  • Automated demand-responsive scheduling and dispatching
  • Fixed-route monitoring
  • Real-time updates via mobile data tablets

Coach Bus and Sales - https://www.coachbussales.com/

Since our founding in 1948, Coach & Equipment has produced the safest, longest-lasting buses. Read more about the history, employees, and vision that have shaped us into a leading bus manufacturer and distributor for the East Coast.

RATP Dev USA - https://www.ratpdevusa.com/home

RATP Dev USA brings over 50 years - including the experience of our previous company - of success in managing and operating high-quality, safe, responsive and efficient transit systems throughout the United States. As part of a broader global organization, RATP Dev marshals the resources, talent and innovative spirit from our global operating agencies. With our unique history of designing, managing, operating, maintaining and modernizing all forms of public transport, we offer an unmatched level of expertise. 

Founded in Paris nearly 120 years ago, RATP Dev’s first Metro line crossed the French Capital and opened for the Paris World Fair on July 19, 1900 after eighteen months of construction. Today, RATP Group is one of the world’s largest providers of transit. RATP Dev, a wholly owned subsidiary of RATP Group, offers services to urban networks in 16 countries, including North America.

IT Curves - https://itcurves.net/

IT Curves has been at the forefront of developing comprehensive solutions for transportation organizations since its foundation in 2008. We empowerall sizes and types of transportation agencies – from public to private, small to large – to compete with custom and out-of-the-box solutions. Our comprehensive, integrated, and modern software provides tools for scheduling, dispatch, financial reconciliation, communication, vehicle management, and much more.

We are veterans of the transportation industry, having provided our own taxi and paratransit services since our inception. Our staff is comprised of lifelong industry experts and experienced programmers, incorporating the knowledge of each into building safe, sustainable, and community-minded ground transportation services.

Vector Media - https://vectormedia.com/about/

To us, outdoor mediums provide a canvas that is integrated, dynamic, and increasingly technological. A canvas on which to tell rich and relevant brand stories.

At Vector, we make the most of this canvas, connecting brands to consumers through an innovative outdoor advertising platform that inspires creativity and delivers measurable impact. We partner with brands local and global to create meaningful experiences out in the world that make people stop, look up from their phones, and smile.

At Vector Media, we help brands Tell Better Stories, and have a little fun in the process.

AngelTrax - angeltrax.com

AngelTrax is a leading designer, manufacturer and provider of in-vehicle mobile surveillance for the student transitmass transitfleet/driver behavior with AI, locomotive and waste management industries.

From developing state-of-the-art systems to providing unmatched customer support, AngelTrax consistently drives innovation and service in the mobile video surveillance industry.

Drawing from diverse technical expertise, extensive industry knowledge and constant customer feedback, AngelTrax continues to meet and exceed the needs of transportation providers around the globe.

May Mobility - https://maymobility.com/

In partnership with transit agencies, cities, states, organizations and businesses, May Mobility's autonomous vehicle solutions are helping build a safer, greener, more accessible world. Through autonomy innovation, theirsolutions can solve real-world problems, improve people's quality of life and create more livable communities made for people—not cars.

GMV Syncromatics - https://gmvsyncromatics.com/


GMV Software as a Service for Transit provides easy-to-use technology to make transit work for agencies of all sizes. Their solutions include CAD/AVL, .Dispatch, Reporting, Passenger Information, digital signs, voice communications, next-stop announcements, Infotainment, passenger countine, onboard wi-fi, and more. 
Their leadership team has over eight decades of combined experience in transportation and logistics. Their engineers build products they love. Their project managers, installers, and support teams enjoy making our customers' jobs easier. Like you, they use public transportation. Like you, they know it’s important.


Two rooms will be reserved for vendor speed presentations during this event. Each room will be set up with a projector, screen, and laptop to facilitate any presentation. Nine vendors will be strategically assigned between each of the rooms and given a time slot during the two-hour period from 10:30– Noon on September 19. Vendors will have 10 minutes to present and hand out literature, 5 minutes for Q&A, and there will be a five-minute break between each vendor’s presentation for setup and breakdown. This is a busy, loud time but can be quite productive.

A 15 minute time limit will be strictly enforced to make sure each exhibitor can meet face-to-face with attendees and conduct their presentation (including handing out literature and questions). They can exchange cards, information and hopefully build on conversations to be continued at our evening trade show.